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How To Start?

it’s simple;

  1. Visit the the “PROP FIRMS” tab, here you shall find the prop firms listed, it’s your choice – scroll through them and get acquainted to their requirements.
  2. Select the Plan


How is Drawdown Calculated?

At MPC we use the equity Drawdown measure, not the static drawdown


What Happens If I Violate The Drawdown Rule?

If you violate the drawdown rule, kindly reach out to the team – we know the feeling it’s dreadful though it isn’t the end of the world.

You shall have to get another evaluation too you will be subsidized to join the MPC mentorship program by 50%.


Will I Get A Free Repeat If I'm Positive

The fact that you have landed in what we call “the green” in the prop world is a great great sign and no one should take away from your accomplishment.

Yes you shall get not only a free repeat though too for an unlimited number of times.

Master Forex Trader Prop Builder Certificate of Excellence

Do You Have Any Questions?

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