1. Visit the "PROP FIRMS" tab, here you shall find the prop firms listed, it's your choice - scroll through them and get acquainted with their requirements.

2. Select the plan and purchase your trading evaluation from us!

We will be glad to have you as part of the My Prop Choice fast growing harmonic family. There are several ways and angles one can join us:

1. As an individual looking to get a more subsidized means to the prop world, by selecting the plan and completing payment and account will be purchased on your behalf.

2. As an affiliate, kindly register and well shall review your request speedily

3. Follow our social accounts if you want to keep on the latest forex prop firm gossip and specials we having come out.

MyPropChoice is a vision for the trading community as a whole, we don't force though encourage those who see viability with our vision to give us a hearty try.Join us because, we have subsidize the entry to prop accounts by a whooping 40-60%, this act in itself means:

1. Monetary concerns are eased, essentially making going with us an cost effective options, and enabling "two birds to be killed with one stone"

2. Psychological pressure is eased, as the price is no longer weighing heavily on your shoulder watch your trading improve

This is a question asked many times, and the official answer is no. Are we affiliated with any of them? Some of them, yes, as we are approved affiliate marketers with some of them and whether you sign up with us or go directly to them for our reviews of the firms we also benefit from you signing up directly with them. This helps sustain the longevity of our program, ensures we can continue to offer great subsidized prices through our one phase evaluations, and allows us to continue offering unbiased reviews and opinions of new firms in the prop-sphere.

General Rules

If you violate the drawdown rule, kindly reach out to the team - we know the feeling it's dreadful though it isn't the end of the world.

At MyPropChoice, we evaluate the drawdown of an account every day, comparing it to the higher of the balance or equity at rollover. The daily drawdown limit is set at 5%. If the drawdown exceeds this limit, it will be considered a hard trading violation on the account.

Example 1: If the balance at rollover is $100,000 and the equity is $93,000, we will calculate the drawdown based on $100,000. A 5% drawdown limit would be $5,000. If the drawdown exceeds $5,000, which it does in this case (i.e., the drawdown is $5,500), it will count as a hard trading violation.

Example 2: If the balance at rollover is $103,000 and the equity is $108,000, we will calculate the drawdown based on $108,000. A 5% drawdown limit would be $5,400. If the drawdown does not exceed $5,400, which is the case here (i.e., the drawdown is $3,000), it will not be considered a violation.

Example 3: If the balance at rollover is $106,000 and the equity is $104,000, we will calculate the drawdown based on $106,000. A 5% drawdown limit would be $5,300. If the drawdown does not exceed $5,300, which is the case here (i.e., the drawdown is $2,000), it will not be considered a violation.

The fact that you have landed in what we call "the green" in the prop world is a great great sign and no one should take away from your accomplishment. Yes, as long as your positive every month you will be eligible for a free repeat. That will never be taken from you.

Great question, honestly its easier to answer what isn't allowed than what is. To begin with, just about every trading strategy and method of trading is allowed including: Hedging, Expert Advisors, Trade Copiers, Martin-Gale trading, and more.

What isn't allowed? Honestly, these are methods that are known to cheat brokers and take advantage of demo conditions that would not be allowed at any legitimate broker. This list would include: Arbitrage Trading (Latency, using a delayed feed or otherwise), tick scalping, straddling the market by hedging with two separate accounts, or otherwise trading a method that would not work in real world trading conditions.

This is a touchy subject. We believe if you are to go through us, and we are to buy you an account at a prop firm we want to ensure you will succeed there as well! For that reason, we require that the trader that pays for the account will also be the trader that is trading the account as well. No account management services and/or passing services are allowed to be used through our platform. This is also all encompassing of trade copiers, should any trade copiers be used they should be copies of traders within out platform between a trader's accounts.

We want to award trading skill, not someone that is gambling, or winning just by pure luck. Preferably when you pass our challenge you will indeed pass the challenge at the given forex prop firm you are going to and you will be another success story of ours. For this reason, the answer is both YES and NO. Our basic rule is 80% of your total trade volume during your time traded must not of been opened within 20% of an evaluation's minimum duration. For a standard challenge 20% of minimum duration of 10 days is 2 days. So what does this mean?

Simple, in the minimum trade time of 10 days trading if you were to of traded 10 lots. Eight of those 10 lots must not of been in two days. What's great about this, however is this is not a VIOLATION. You can still fix this by trading 1 more day. If you just trade a little bit more the 11th day 80% of your trade volume is no longer in two days. Don't understand this rule? Don't worry, its honestly a very hard rule to fall into this criteria and not to worry; as you will never occur an account violation with this rule, you will just have your minimum trade time extended.

The GateWay Challenge

No matter what account size chosen, and no matter what forex prop firm is picked the MPC Standard Evaluation criteria and trading conditions will be the same in an account with 1:100 leverage.
MyPropChoice Evaluation Criteria:

  1. You must profit your given account by 10%
  2. Must never lose 10% of your starting account balance.
  3. Must never lose more than 5% of your account equity in a single day.
  4. Objectives must be completed within 30 trading days.
  5. Must actively trade for a minimum of 10 days.

The account balance for your evaluation will be based upon the account size of the forex prop firm package you will have chosen. For example, if you want us to purchase you a 200k account from FTMO we will issue you an account evaluation with a balance for 200k to complete your trading objectives.

You have aced our one phase industry standard evaluation. The next step is forwarding this to the support team and after backend reviews - the account shall be purchased on your behalf. For being so awesome you will be issued an exclusive certificate and on your schedule, terms and permission let's conduct an interview

There are some firm's we have established friendly relations with where we will purchase directly on our corporate account and have transferred over.   Then there are some that we can not do this, for these firms we issue you a Virtual Debit Card with the same value you would of paid if we purchased the account ourselves.


Have you ever asked yourself in all honesty why traditional props limit the amount of accounts you can have? Weird right, here we do not limit at all.You can purchase an unlimited number of evaluations packages from us. However, ultimately you will be restricted in the end on a prop firm's rules in quantity of accounts they allow for their traders to manage.

What shall happen next is that your account with MPC shall be created and the account log ins sent by mail, upon first log in you will be asked to change the password. Then in a time span of 48hours maximum, you will be issued with your MT4 logins and the link to the metrics.

No monthly fees, not with us atleast, some props have this feature though not us.None before you get an account. None as you undertake in our trial. None after the account has been issued out for you.

We accept credit card payments via Stripe, and Crypto Payments.

Through MyPropChoice the refundable fee's will not be paid through us, as we are mostly acting in the capacity as your sponsoring partner. However, once we purchase your prop account with the prop firm of your choice, you will be eligible for the full refund price, should there be one in accordance with their refund policies.


We are currently using MT4 with Foreign Exchange Clearing House being our broker of choice.

We offer the ability to trade crypto, forex, indices, and all the metals you can dream of. If Foreign Exchange Clearing House offers it, we give it to you to trade.

Our Client and Metrix portal is currently under development. However, should you have any specific questions that can not be answered in the from our main website, or telegram support channels; feel free to email support.

We use Foreign Exchange Clearing House standard accounts for they are transparent A book broker with suitable spreads and little to no commissions.