Prop Builder

Get the Cash to Build Your Prop!

Got the skills but strapped on funds & need your break?  Trade with us through a series of rounds and build up the funds needed to acquire the prop account of your dreams with little out of your own pocket.

Trade with us through a series of rounds and build up the funds needed to acquire the prop account of your dreams with little out of your own pocket.

The Challenge

Complete four identical challenge rounds, maintaining the same draw down limits, achieving the same profit target, and gaining MPC reward points redeemable in cash or products from our website.


30 Trading Days

Minimum Time

Trade 5 days

Profit Target


Daily Drawdown


Overall Drawdown


Instant Funding

 While you will not be trading real funds with us, our Prop Builder program is a great way for a trader to prove their abilities on a budget.   Our Forex Prop Builder Program could be considered to be the ultimate instant funding program with scaling opportunities.   Trader’s simply have to show they have the skills to trade a forex prop firm account and they can quickly have enough to funds to acquire the industry world-class renowned FTMO $100k or $200k account with cash redeemed during the process.

What type of account will I be trading on?

1ms Execution Speed

All Forex Trading Pairs at 1:100 leverage

How it works

After you pay one initial low fee, you will go through a series of four identical repeating trading rounds you will gain points that can be used to purchase packages from our website or redeem in cash after you’ve reached the equivalent of $150 in points.  Furthermore, to acknowledge your skill upon completion of your 4th successful round you will be awarded a certificate certifying you as a “Master Trader“.   This certificate is one that any trader should be proud of to acknowledge the true skill they hold as a prop firm trader.
Master Forex Trader Prop Builder Certificate of Excellence

What’s even better is, upon completion of four grounds the fun does not stop there.  You can repeat the whole program each time 100% for free as long as you have not incurred any established prop firm trading violations.

Round I

Awards points enough to repeat the program if you fail the next one, or you can save balance to redeem in cash as you build.

Round II

Awards points when combined with points already earned are redeemable in cash.

Round III

Awards points, and when combined with the previous amounts you have now accumulated enough for at least a $100K or $50K prop challenge at MyForexFund’s

Round IV

Awards also come in points, but at this point you should have enough points accumulated to purchase a $100K or $200K directly from FTMO.

You completed all four rounds?  Well you can start over for free and do it again!

Program Updates

Prop Builder Instant Funding Program

Why Prop Builder?

Prop builder is our in-house direct funding model created for traders on a tight budget to build funds to purchase Prop Firm accounts of their

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