Why Prop Builder?

Prop Builder Instant Funding Program

Prop builder is our in-house direct funding model created for traders on a tight budget to build funds to purchase Prop Firm accounts of their choice.

Prop Builder program by MyPropChoice is special in many ways. Here are six reasons you should consider enrolling in the prop builder program today.

1. Direct Funding

Prop Builder Program is a direct funding model. This is very unique in this industry. You do not need to complete a one-step or two-step evaluation before you get paid from the Prop Builder Program. You get paid right from stage one. At MPC, we value your time and efforts. Being a direct funding model, Prop Builder can help you kickstart your career as a Prop Form trader faster than you expected.

2.  Free unending cycle of withdrawals

Perhaps you are not aware, the cycle from Stage one to Stage 4 on the Prop Builder Program never ends. As long as you keep hitting the profit target without violating any of the trading rules, you will restart from stage 1 for free. This also equates to an unending cycle of withdrawals (10X your initial deposit). This unique feature is a major reason Prop Builder Program by MPC is a perfect platform to raise funds to buy all the Prop Firm accounts you desire.

3. Trading Conditions

Prop Builder Program is a perfect platform to prepare a trader for Prop Firm Trading without breaking the bank. Why? The Prop Builder program was designed in a way that the trading parameters are similar to that of an average Prop Firm. Traders who enroll for the Prop Builder Program have to work within the following parameters

  • account size of $100,000
  • profit target of 10%
  • maximum daily drawdown allowed 5%
  • maximum total drawdown allowed 10%
  • minimum trading days of 5
  • maximum calendar days of 30
  • leverage 1:100

The parameters above are similar to what applies with most Prop Firms. Traders who are successful in the Prop Builder Program can confidently apply for any Prop Firm evaluation and pass as they have experience working with familiar trading parameters.

4. Scaling Profits

MPC Prop Builder program also comes with a very appealing scaling plan. With every stage you pass, your redeemable reward points increase. At the end of stage 4, you would have made over ten times your initial deposit. It is important to know that the profit target or trading parameters are not increased. This means you repeat the same process from stages one to four while getting rewarded with more points as you complete each level.

5. Broker

The Prop Builder program is an innovation that we want to sustain for a long time. This is why we have chosen to run it using the #1 rated broker in the world, Global Prime. Global Prime is a reputable and legitimate broker regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). Global Prime is our broker of choice for the Prop Builder Program because they also offer very tight spreads with fast execution speeds to ensure our clients have the best trading experience.

6. Earn as you learn

With Prop Builder, you have the perfect opportunity to earn as you master your trading strategy. Mastering a trading strategy on a Prop Firm account you paid $200+ for might be too costly. The drive to ensure you gain back your challenge fee or at least not lose the account can affect pose a serious psychological burden. This can cause you to make impulsive trading decisions. Prop Builder affords every trader the opportunity to earn while perfecting his/her trading strategy. You can see it as learning a target practice game like archery or darts in-house and getting paid whenever you consistently hit the target. It is only with MPC Prop Builder you earn as you learn.

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Why Prop Builder?

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